Luminescent - Candlekit Creations

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Luminescent Candlekit Creations

Step into the enchanting world of Luminescent Candlekit Creations, where magic and simplicity intertwine. With our DIY kit, crafting luminous candles is as easy as scoop, pour, and light – no melting required! Delight in the art of candle making without the fuss, and unleash your creativity with our vibrant array of colors and captivating scents.

Illuminate your surroundings with the wonder of Luminescent Candlekit Creations, where every candle is a tale waiting to be told.

Each Kit Contains:

1 x Glass Cloche Jar (Choose Colour)

1 x 150g Bag of Luminescent Powder Wax

1 x Fragrance Oil (Choose Fragrance)

1 x Wick & Stickum

1 x Wick Holder