Summer Daze - A Friendship Scentory | Reed Diffuser

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Scent Story

In the heart of a tranquil neighborhood, amidst lush gardens and the gentle rustle of leaves, there stood a welcoming patio. It was a haven where summer evenings unfolded in a symphony of laughter and shared moments.

Gathered around the patio table were friends and family, their faces illuminated by the soft glow of twilight. Conversations flowed like a gentle stream, weaving tales of joy and camaraderie against the backdrop of a setting sun.

At the center of the table, a diffuser stood tall, emanating a fragrant mist that enveloped the gathering in a sense of serenity. This was "Summer Daze" in its new form – a blend of lime, basil, and mandarin oils that filled the air with the essence of warm summer evenings.

As the diffuser released its aromatic mist, memories of summers past came alive, like old photographs brought to life by a gentle breeze. The tangy zest of lime mingled with the herbaceous notes of basil, creating a tapestry of scents that stirred the senses.

With each breath, they were transported back to moments of laughter and love, of shared meals and cherished conversations. The fragrance of "Summer Daze" infused the air, a reminder of the magic found in simple pleasures and cherished company.

Under the spell of this aromatic symphony, they basked in the beauty of the present moment, savoring each breath as if it were a melody in the summer night. And as the stars began to twinkle overhead, they knew that the memories made in this summer daze would linger long after the season had passed.


A harmonius blend of lime, basil & mandarin.

    • 50ml / Up to 5 months of scent

    • Hand Poured 

    • Cruelty Free