Peony Candle

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 Scent Story

Softly, sweetly in the air, my memory of standing at my grandfather's side in his gardens, smelling the fragrances of his flowers. And the peony - yes, for me it was the most extraordinary scent of all.

And now at times where people like me are just trying to understand life and love, it seems as if he has given me this gift of his flowers inside of this candle that is constantly reminding me of these experiences of his warmth and love in having us feel all right when we needed it most.



Our Peony candle features an enchanting fragrance that evokes the memory of a long-lost garden. As you relax, imagine an afternoon spent strolling past rows of freshly blooming peonies in full bloom, catching a scent as the breeze moves through their leaves.

    • 200g / Burn Time approx 60 hours

    • Hand Poured using 100% Natural Wax

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free