Scent Your Wedding - The Ceremony

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 Scent Story

Scent Your Wedding

In the heart of a sun-kissed garden, where petals dance on the gentle breeze and whispers of love linger in the air, there begins a story. It’s a tale of two souls intertwining amidst the vibrant blooms and the soft caress of sunlight filtering through the leaves. 

Imagine opening a box filled with memories waiting to be unwrapped. Each inhale carries you back to that enchanting moment, where vows were exchanged and promises made. This is the essence of our Scent Your Wedding gift boxes—a personalized journey through scent, crafted to encapsulate the magic of your union.

The fragrance unfolds like chapters in a book, starting with the crisp notes of freshly picked flowers, reminiscent of the bridal bouquet held so tenderly. Then, a hint of citrus, a nod to the zest for life shared in laughter and joy. Underlying it all, a subtle warmth, like the embrace of loved ones gathered around to celebrate.

As your guests catch that familiar scent, they're transported back to your special day, where love was not only witnessed but deeply felt. With every inhale, they're reminded of the love story they were privileged to witness, a tale that continues to unfold with each passing day.

In the end, it's not just a fragrance—it's a keepsake of cherished memories, a reminder that love, like scent, lingers long after the day is done. With our Scent Your Wedding gift boxes, every scent truly tells a story—a story of eternal love, bound by the threads of time and perfumed with the essence of romance.



Your memories encapsulated forever within your signature scent Yours Forever. 

A sumptuous blend of orange, bergamot, jasmin patchouli, sandalwood, magnolia & vanilla.

Our Ceremony Scent Your Wedding box includes

  • 1 x Luxury Hand Poured Yours Forever 30cl candle
  • 2 x Yours Forever Reed Diffusers
  • 4 x Yours Forever Votive Candle